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Table 3 Whether the surgeon has passed the learning curve

From: Direct anterior versus posterolateral approaches for clinical outcomes after total hip arthroplasty: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Author Surgeons proficiency description Degree of proficiency Passed learning curve
Hu “performed by a single senior surgeon” High Yes
Siljander “had completed more than 100 DA cases” High Yes
Wu “easier to achieve femoral exposure than in general hips” High ND
Barrett “had performed over 100 DAA cases” High Yes
Daas “first half of 2012 and 2011 were excluded, introduced in our hospital in early 2011” High Yes
Fleischman “cases performed during a surgeon’s learning curve were excluded” High Yes
Godoy-Monzon “reducing the possibility of complications attributable to the learning curve” High Yes
Triantafyllopoulos “have extensive experience and may be considered experts” High Yes
Lee “hip arthroplasty fellowship in both the PLA and the DAA” High Yes
Rykov “far beyond the learning curve of the DAA (> 200)” High Yes
Zhao “the first 100 patients” “were not enrolled in the current trial” High Yes
Fransen “had performed 120 PLA and 80 DAA” High Yes
Jelsma “ surgeon is using his own approach in which they trust” High ND
Langlois “undergoing their subspecialty training” “equivalent to registrars” High ND
Amlie “Patients registered before 2011” “were excluded” High Yes
Barrett “with over 3000 PA cases vs 100 DAA cases” High Yes
Nam “perform more than 200 THAs annually” High Yes
Spaans “surgeons had an internal education” “who had used the DAA for 5 years” High Yes
  1. ND unclear description