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Table 1 Statistical analyses of relevant factors in the improvement rate of the ASIA sports score and AIS

From: The influence of timing of surgery in the outcome of spinal cord injury without radiographic abnormality (SCIWORA)

 Sex (M/F)Age (year)MRI abnormalities (Ex/Ex-in)Duration from injury to surgery (day)
Group A12/652.44 ± 11.7214/42.22 ± 0.73
Group B14/447.89 ± 10.8015/35.78 ± 0.88
Group C18/347.71 ± 12.8515/614.95 ± 11.40
  1. ASIA American Spinal Injury Association, AIS ASIA Impairment Scale, Ex extraneural, Ex-in extra and intraneural
  2. Continuous data are presented in mean ± SD