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Table 1 The demographic profiles of the 56 patients with early osteofascial compartment syndrome

From: Fasciotomy through multiple small skin incisions for the treatment of early acute osteofascial compartment syndrome in children

 Male (n) 39
 Female (n) 17
Age (years) 6.5 (1.2–13.8)
Injury mechanism
 Traffic accidents (n) 32
 Crushing (n) 10
 Fall from height (n) 11
 Sports trauma (n) 3
Accompanying fracture (n = 51)
 Humeral supracondylar fracture (n) 15
 Radius and ulna fracture (n) 11
 Metacarpal fracture (n) 9
 Tibia and fibula fracture (n) 10
 Foot fracture (n) 6