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Table 2 Summary of intervention information for each study

From: Medical exercise therapy alone versus arthroscopic partial meniscectomy followed by medical exercise therapy for degenerative meniscal tear: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Author, yearFollow-up timeSymptom durationModalities of exerciseMET program
Duration (week)Frequency (p week)Session duration (min)
Gauffin 20143, 12 monthsmore than 3 monthsgym or home exercise12230–40
Herrilin 20078 weeks, 6 months2–6 monthshome exercise8240–60
Herrilin 201324, 60 months2–6 monthshome exercise8240–60
Katz 20136, 12 monthsmore than 1 monthprogressive home exercise62Not given
Yim 201324 months8.2 monthshome exercise11360
Sihvonen 20142, 6, 12 monthsmore than 3 monthsgraduated home-based exerciseNot given510–15
Stensrud 20153 months7.5 monthsgym exercise12 weeks2–360–80
Sihvonen 201824 monthsmore than 3 monthsgraduated home-based exerciseNot given510–15