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Table 1 Summary of our cases of distal clavicle fractures with large lateral acromion angle

From: Relationship between the lateral acromion angle and postoperative persistent pain of distal clavicle fracture treated with clavicle hook plate

Case no.Age, year/sexSideαβSpecification (depth and angle of hook, mm)Postoperative recoveryTotal follow-up time (month)Treatment and outcome
JOA Scores (3 months postoperatively)Time of hardware retention (month)JOA Scores (3 months after removal)JOA Scores (1 year after removal)
130/MLeft49.140.615, 90°625606524Untreated, lost to follow-up
252/FRight44.752.415, 95°656757628RCR, remission
327/FRight41.556.818, 110°557757724RCR, remission
444/MRight47.854.815, 90°508627027RCR, remission
546/FRight45.144.518, 100°877959625remission
639/FLeft44.159.718, 90°655707524RCR, remission
738/MLeft42.253.515, 90°837969424remission
855/FRight40.458.918, 100°706828726Untreated, partial remission
956/MRight46.259.618, 90°548667224RCR, remission
  1. M male, F female, JOA Japanese Orthopaedic Association, RCR rotator cuff repair