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Table 3 Multivariate logistic regression analysis of predictive factors associated with redisplacement after closed reduction and cast immobilization

From: Incidence and risk factors for redisplacement after closed reduction and instant rigid cast immobilization for paediatric distal radius fractures: a case control study

 P valueOdds ratio95% CI
Associated ulna fracture0.0014.2781.773–10.320
Initial translation ≥ 50%< 0.0019.1483.587–23.332
Initial angulation ≥ 20°0.0592.2040.963–5.047
Non-anatomical reduction0.2241.7200.714–4.145
Three-point index ≥ 0.40< 0.0011.2801.159–1.401
  1. CI confidence interval