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Table 1 Demographic data of paediatric patients with distal radius fractures

From: Incidence and risk factors for redisplacement after closed reduction and instant rigid cast immobilization for paediatric distal radius fractures: a case control study

Number of patients123
Age (year)10.3 ± 3.4
 Male93 (75.6%)
 Female30 (24.4%)
Times of reduction
 One time79 (64.2%)
 Twice32 (26.0%)
 Three or more times12 (9.8%)
Adequacy of reduction
 Anatomic45 (36.6%)
 Good38 (30.9%)
 Fair40 (32.5%)
Number of patients with redisplacement31
The time of redisplacement
 Within 1 week22 (71.0%)
 1–2 weeks8 (25.8%)
 2–3 weeks1 (3.2%)
Further treatment
 Accept the redisplacement24 (77.4%)
 Remanipulation4 (12.9%)
 Surgical treatment3 (9.7%)