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Table 6 A summary of the pros and cons of surgical techniques for diaphysis malignant tumor of long bones

From: Clinical evaluations of diaphysis malignant tumors of femur and tibia treated with microwave ablation in situ

Surgical techniquesProsCons
AmputationSimple and time-saving technique. The cost is lower.Compromised functional outcome and life quality.
Endoprosthetic reconstructionEarly functional recovery. Better cosmetic and psychological benefits. Life quality improved to some extent.The cost is more expensive. The surgical challenge largely depends on bone defects. Prosthesis-related complications (infection, aseptic loosening, wearing peri-prosthetic fracture). High possibility of requiring revision surgery. Long-term functional outcome is controversial.
MVALong-term functional outcome and life quality largely improved. The cost is lower.Need to be performed by well-trained surgical specialists.