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Table 2 Details of patients who suffered from diaphysis malignant tumors of femur/tibia and underwent amputation

From: Clinical evaluations of diaphysis malignant tumors of femur and tibia treated with microwave ablation in situ

CaseGender/age (year)LocationStageHistologyPathological fractureLength (cm)MSTS score, (%)OutcomeFollow-up (months)
1M/14DF (R)IIIBOSAY1260D11
2F/9MT (R)IIBOSAN1080D18
3M/21MF (L)IIBEWSN1477A48
4F/76DT (R)IIIBMN (lung)N683D23
5F/58DT (L)IIIBMN (breast)N877D32
6M/28PF (R)IIBMFCTN1250D26
8F/15DF (L)IIBOSAY1263D36
9M/16PT (R)IIIBOSAN1280D12
10M/38MF (R)IIBCHOSN1880A48
11F/14PF (L)IIBCHOSN2083A96
12F/53DF (L)IIIBMN (renal)Y887A60
13F/43MF (R)IIIBMMY780A48
14M/42DF (R)IIBOSAN1087A36
15F/46DF (L)IIBMFCTN863D17
16M/53DF (R)IIBIGTBY1083A60
17M/44PF (L)IIBCHOSN1570A36
18F/13PT (L)IIBOSAN1077A60
19F/65MF (R)IIIBMN (lung)Y1057D9
21F/41MT (L)IIBABAY1093A36
22M/57MF (R)IIIBMN (liver)N570D21
23F/16PT (L)IIBEWSN880D16
24M/12DF (R)IIBOSAN1273D12
25M/38PF (R)IIBCHOSN1360A60
26F/58MT (R)IIIBMN (breast)N777D18
27F/61DF (L)IIIBMN (renal)Y683A36
28F/14PT (L)IIBOSAN1090A72
29F/42MT(R)IIIBMN (breast)Y893A36
30M/15DF (L)IIBOSAN1277A48
31F/17DF (R)IIBOSAY1067D14
32F/46MF (R)IIIBMFCTN1273D10
  1. PF proximal femur, MF middle femur, DF distal femur, PT proximal tibia, MT middle tibia, DT distal tibia, L left, R right, OSA osteosarcoma, CHOS chondrosarcoma, EWS Ewing’s sarcoma, IGTB invasive giant cell tumor of bone, ABA ameloblastoma, MN metastatic neoplasm, MFCT malignant fibrous cell tumors, MM multiple myeloma, A alive, D death, Y yes, N no, MSTS musculoskeletal tumor society, aEnneking surgical stage