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Table 4 Cutoff values for V-mobility at 5 weeks for predicting bone union at 6 months after OVF

From: Vertebral mobility is a valuable indicator for predicting and determining bone union in osteoporotic vertebral fractures: a conventional observation study

 V-mobility cutoff values in Ha for determining bone union
 1.0 mm1.5 mm2.0 mm
V-mobility cutoff values in Ha for predicting bone union (mm)
Bone union/non-united OVFs at 6 months after OVF onset31/1336/837/7
Percentage of bone union70.581.884.1
Number of OVFs for ROC curve analysis on SIT and DEC radiographs444444
  1. Cutoff values for V-mobility in anterior vertebral height at 5 weeks after OVF onset for predicting bone union at 6 months after OVF onset were determined by ROC curves (bone union includes semi-union)
  2. OVF osteoporotic vertebral fracture, ROC receiver-operating characteristic, Ha anterior vertebral height, V-mobility vertebral mobility, AUC area under the curve, FPF false-positive fraction, TPF true-positive fraction, SIT sitting position, DEC lateral decubitus position