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Table 1 Extent of V-deformity presented as anterior vertebral height and local kyphosis angle in SIT, DEC, and SUP

From: Vertebral mobility is a valuable indicator for predicting and determining bone union in osteoporotic vertebral fractures: a conventional observation study

DimensionSitting positionLateral decubitus positionSupine position
Anterior vertebral height (mm)18.3 ± 3.320.7 ± 2.8*24.3 ±3.5**¶¶
Local kyphosis angle (degrees)26.2 ± 12.619.8 ± 12.5**15.4 ± 10.3**
  1. The V-deformity and local kyphosis angle were measured on radiographs in 15 patients with OVFs without middle-column injury at the initial evaluation. Because radiographs taken in SIT are usually different from those in DEC or SUP according to enlargement of the radiographs, measurements of Ha on SIT radiographs were adjusted by comparing the Ha of the adjacent vertebra on radiographs in SIT with those in DEC or SUP
  2. OVF osteoporotic vertebral fracture, V-deformity vertebral deformity, Ha anterior vertebral height, SIT sitting position, DEC lateral decubitus position, SUP supine position
  3. Boneferroni test *p < 0.01, **p < 0.001, SIT vs. DEC or SUP
  4. p < 0.01, ¶¶p < 0.001, DEC vs. SUP