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Table 2 Trajectory angles in each of the Lauge-Hansen classification-based posterior malleolar fracture types

From: Preoperative planning and surgical technique for optimizing internal fixation of posterior malleolar fractures: CT versus standard radiographs

Fracture typeNumber (%) of casesMean TA (range) (°)
Pronation abduction injury—type II5 (5.9%)18.4 (5.4–22.7)
Pronation abduction injury—type III20 (23.5%)19.4 (3.5–30.9)
Pronation lateral rotation injury—type IV13 (15.3%)20.7 (10.8–31.7)
Supination abduction injury—type II1 (1.2%)3
Supination lateral rotation injury—type III8 (9.4%)17.7 (2.1–22.9)
Supination lateral rotation injury—type IV32 (37.6%)18.1 (2.1–26.7)
Isolated posterior lip injury6 (7.1%)16.3 (4.4–22.3)
  1. TA trajectory angle