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Table 5 Synovial histological characteristics

From: Labral calcification plays a key role in hip pain and symptoms in femoroacetabular impingement

 Patients with FAI (N = 12)Patients with OA (N = 4)
GradePMCI (0-3)HYP (0-2)FIBR (0-2)VASC (0-2)PMCI (0-3)HYP (0-2)FIBR (0-2)VASC (0-2)
G 09311 21 
G 13435 234
G 2 5862   
G 3    2   
  1. Data are shown as number of patients. G grade, PMCI perivascular monocyte cell infiltration, HYP hypertrophy, FIBR fibrosis, VASC vascularity