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Table 3 Demographic and baseline clinical characteristics of patients with FAI (N = 21)

From: Labral calcification plays a key role in hip pain and symptoms in femoroacetabular impingement

Kellgren score, number:
• 06
• 17
• 26
• 32
• 40
JSN (unit), mean ± SD4.11 ± 1.75
Alpha angle, mean ± SD77.91 ± 23.13
Acetabular retroversion, mean ± SD12.54 ± 5.93
L-CEA, mean ± SD39.61 ± 7.46
History of trauma, number21
Median symptom duration, median (IQR) months28 ± 24
Labral tear yes/no, number18/3
Median HOOS total preoperative, median (IQR)72.50 (77.81−66.30)
Median HOOS SPT subscale, median (IQR)75 (81.25−64)
Median HOOS pain subscale, median (IQR)75 (80.63−62.50)
Median HOOS ADL subscale, median (IQR)75 (83.04−72.06)
Median HOOS Sport/Rec subscale, median (IQR)56.25 (64.13−50)
Mean HOOS QOL subscale, median (IQR)62.50 (75−50)
  1. Data are shown as mean ± standard deviation (SD) or medians and interquartile ranges (IQR) depending on variable distribution. JSN joint space narrowing, L-CEA lateral-center edge angle, HOOS hip disability and osteoarthritis outcome score, SPT symptoms, ADL function in daily living, Sport/Rec function in sport and recreation, QOL free related quality of life, THR total hip replacement