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Table 2 Predicted ROMs under different physiological conditions compared with other studies

From: Biomechanical study of C1 posterior arch crossing screw and C2 lamina screw fixations for atlantoaxial joint instability

LoadSegmentsPanjabi 1991Karin Brolin 2004Hao Zhang 2007This study
FlexionC0-114.4 ±
C1-212.7 ± 3.211.315.011.2
ExtensionC0-114.4 ± 3.210.513.38.69
C1-210.5 ±
Lateral bendingC0-15.6 ±
C1-212.6 ±
Axial rotationC0-13.3 ±
C1-237.4 ± 9.023.330.628.34