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Table 1 Resection torque of shaver blades (N·m)

From: Assessment of arthroscopic shavers: a comparison test of resection performance and quality

Test trialIPBDSPB
Test 10.00410.0034
Test 20.00370.0039
Test 30.00430.0045
Test 40.00370.0038
Test 50.00360.0043
Test 60.00350.0043
Test 70.00440.0037
Test 80.00380.0039
Test 90.00420.0046
Test 100.00430.0042
  1. IPB Incisor Plus Blade (Smith & Nephew), DSPB Double Serrated Plus Blade (BJKMC)
  2. The Student t test revealed no significant difference in resection torque between IPB and DSPB (P = 0.54)