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Table 1 Demographic data according to administration route

From: Matching actual treatment with patient administration-route-preference improves analgesic response among acute low back pain patients—a randomized prospective trial

 PO% of total sampleIM% of total sampleP value
N = 13% of group34.2N = 25% of group65.8 
Age (mean ± sd)42.8 (± 15.7)  43.48 (± 15.25)  0.288
Gender      0.743
Place of birth      0.108
 North America17.7%2.614%2.6 
Marital status      0.571
 Widowed0  0   
Formal education      0.176
 Grade school17.7%2.6312%7.9 
 High school646.2%15.81040%26.3