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Table 1 Variables analyzed as predictors of the one-year knee injury and osteoarthritis outcome score after anterior cruciate ligament revision

From: Comparison of concomitant injuries and patient-reported outcome in patients that have undergone both primary and revision ACL reconstruction—a national registry study

Variable categoryVariable
Patient demographics• Agea (continuous variable per 10 years)
• Patient sex (male/female)
Surgery related• Years from primary ACL reconstruction to ACL revision (continuous variable per year)
• Graft type at ACL revision (hamstring tendon, patellar tendon, quadriceps tendon, allograft, other)
Concomitant injuries
 Meniscal injuries• Any meniscal injury (yes/no)a
 • Medial meniscus injury (yes/no)a
 • Lateral meniscus injury (yes/no)a
 • Surgical treatment of any meniscal injury (yes/no)a
 • Meniscal resection of any meniscal injury (yes/no)a
 • Meniscal repair of any meniscal injury (yes/no)a
 Cartilage injuries• Any cartilage injury (yes/no)a
• Highest grade on any cartilage injury (ordinal variable – ICRS 0/ICRS 1-2/ICRS 3-4)a
• Patella (dichotomized ICRS 0-2/ICRS 3-4)a
• Tibial plateaus (dichotomized ICRS 0-2/ICRS 3-4)a
• Femoral condyles (dichotomized ICRS 0-2/ICRS 3-4)a
• Trochlea (dichotomized ICRS 0-2/ICRS 3-4)a
 Ligament injuries• MCL (yes/no)a
• LCL (yes/no)a
• PCL (yes/no)a
• PLC (yes/no)a
  1. ACL anterior cruciate ligament, ICRS International Cartilage Repair Society, LCL lateral collateral ligament, MCL medial collateral ligament, PCL posterior cruciate ligament, PLC posterolateral corner
  2. aThe status of the variable at both primary and revision ACL reconstruction was analyzed. The information in parentheses indicates how the variable was analyzed