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Table 1 Fracture classification and types of fracture

From: Does isolated atlantoaxial fusion result in better clinical outcome compared to occipitocervical fusion?

Fracture classificationNumber
 Atlas fractures (all)24
  Gehweiler type 17
  Gehweiler type 23
  Gehweiler type 313
  Gehweiler type 40
  Gehweiler type 50
 Odontoid fractures (all)88
  Anderson/D’Alonzo type 10
  Anderson/D’Alonzo type 269
  Anderson/D’Alonzo type 313
 Traumatic spondylolisthesis of axis (all)7
  Hangman’s fracture2
Type of fractureOCFAAF
 Atlas fractures*
  Gehweiler type 100
  Gehweiler type 200
  Gehweiler type 330
  Gehweiler type 400
  Gehweiler type 500
 Odontoid fractures°
  Anderson/D’Alonzo type 100
  Anderson/D’Alonzo type 23237
  Anderson/D’Alonzo type 349
 Combined fractures
  Odontoid fracture + atlas fracture138
  Odontoid fracture + traumatic Spondylolisthesis of axis52
  1. *Single injury
  2. °Single injury and combined injuries