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Table 5 Predictors of revision

From: Overstuffing in resurfacing hemiarthroplasty is a potential risk for failure

UnivariateOR (95%CI)p value
 Age0.96 (0.87–1.05)0.38
 Gender2.37 (0.54–10.40)0.25
 CSA1.09 (0.92–1.30)0.33
 LGHO preoperative1.09 (0.94–1.25)0.26
 LGHO postoperative1.19 (1.01–1.41)0.04
 LGHO change from baseline1.19 (0.94–1.49)0.15
 COR1.90 (1.19–3.02)0.01
MultivariateOR (95%CI)p value
 LGHO postoperative1.16 (0.95–1.43)0.15
 COR1.91 (1.14–3.20)0.02
Final modelOR (95%CI)p-value
 COR1.90 (1.19–3.02)0.01
  1. CSA critical shoulder angle, LGHO length of the gleno-humeral offset, COR center of rotation, OR odds ratio