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Table 2 Revision of 11 patients

From: Overstuffing in resurfacing hemiarthroplasty is a potential risk for failure

Glenoid erosionTSAProgressive pain
ArthrofibrosisTSAPain and poor function
Severe glenoid erosionTSAProgressive pain
Rotator cuff arthropathyRSAPain and poor function, traumatic rotator cuff tear, glenoid erosion
Rotator cuff arthropathyRSAEarlier surgical subscapularis tendon repair
Pain and poor functionTSAProgressive pain and loss of range of motion, minimal glenoid erosion
Pain and poor functionTSAPatient is emigrated, revision surgery was abroad
Severe glenoid erosionRSAProgressive pain
Glenoid erosionTSAProgressive pain
Glenoid erosionTSAProgressive pain
Severe glenoid erosionRSAProgressive pain and loss of range of motion
  1. TSA total shoulder arthroplasty, RSA reverse shoulder arthroplasty