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Table 1 Characteristics of the included study

From: The short- to midterm effectiveness of stemless prostheses compared to stemmed prostheses for patients who underwent total shoulder arthroplasty: a meta-analysis

Author (years)CountryStudy designSample sizesAge (years)Gender (M/F)Prostheses typesFollow-up (months)Study populationOutcomes
Uschok et al. [15]GermanyRCT20/2065/6910/10; 7/13Eclipse/Univers II60/60Primary glenohumeral OA
Glanzmann et al. [14]SwitzerlandCS37/3764.4 ± 13/66.7 ± 11.79/28; 9/28Promos/Promos24/24Primary glenohumeral OA
Spranz et al. [13]GermanyCS12/1374.0 ± 5.7/71.0 ± 5.45/6; 4/5TESS/Aequalis51.6/75.6Primary glenohumeral OA
Moroder et al. [12[AustriaCS24/2475.6 ± 4.6/74.3 ± 4.67/17; 7/17TESS/Delta Xtend34.2 ± 10.5/35.2 ± 14.6Cuff-tear arthropathy
Maier et al. [11]GermanyCS12/1268.3 ± 5.4/67.8 ± 7.17/5; 3/9TESS/Aequalis6/6Primary glenohumeral OA
Mariotti et al. [10]ItalyRCT9/10Aequalis/Aequalis24/24Primary concentric OA
Berth and Pap 2013 [3]GermanyCS41/4167.22 ± 9.0/67.05 ± 8.514/27; 14/27TESS/Affinis30.8 ± 4.6/32.7 ± 4.8Primary glenohumeral OA
Razmjou et al. [16]CanadaPS17/1869.0 ± 9.0/65.0 ± 11.08/9; 8/10TESS/Neer24/24Primary glenohumeral OA
  1. slTSA stemless total shoulder arthroplasty, sTSA stemmed total shoulder arthroplasty, M male, F female, RCT randomized controlled trial, PS prospective study, CS case-controlled study; OA osteoarthritis; pain, Constant score, active range of motions (anteversion, abduction, external rotation), strength/power, activity, motion/mobility