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Table 3 Mean displacement and stiffness measurements for pelvic fractures fixed with either an SI screw or with FiberTape. The P value shown is for the difference between both groups

From: Tape suture for stabilization of incomplete posterior pelvic ring fractures—biomechanical analysis of a new minimally invasive treatment for incomplete lateral compression pelvic ring fractures

 ReferenceFiberTape®Sacroiliac screwP value
Mean displacement (mm)Posterior2.3 ± 0.53.2 ± 0.93.0 ± 0.5> 0.999
Anterior2.2 ± 0.44.5 ± 1.53.6 ± 0.60.2196
Mean stiffness (N/mm)Posterior44.231.732.8> 0.999