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Table 3 Clinical features of T-OPLL patients with or without rs201153092A mutation

From: A new single nucleotide polymorphism affects the predisposition to thoracic ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament

Variablers201153092A (n = 30)rs201153092G (n = 30)P
Age (years)55.03 ± 9.5053.93 ± 8.55NS
Continuous8 (26.7%)9 (30.0%)NS
Local2 (6.7%)1 (3.3%)NS
Segmental6 (20.0%)8 (26.7%)NS
Mixed14 (46.7%)12 (40.0%)NS
JOA score3.45 ± 0.983.88 ± 0.78NS
  1. Data are presented as the means ± standard deviation or n (%). T-OPLL, thoracic ossified posterior longitudinal ligament; NS, not significant; JOA score, Japanese Orthopedic Association scoring system for thoracic myelopathy (maximum 11 points)