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Table 1 Summary of the characteristics of the 100 bones

From: Total cross-sectional area of the femoral neck nutrient foramina measured to assess arterial vascular beds in the femoral head

VariablesNmean±SD(range: min.-max.)
Length of femur, mm100393.28±23.88(335.6-445.89)
Length of femoral neck. mm10022.53±3.93(15.91-35.72)
Total number of nutrient foramina
 Superior retinacular arteries10025.11±6.5(11-44)
 Inferior retinacular arteries1005.97±3.25(1-19)
 Anterior retinacular arteries1008.23±4.15(2-22)
 Ligamentum teres ateries563.25±2.52(1-15)
 Total -1(included ligamentum teres arteries)5642.93±9.31(22-63)
 Total -2 (excluded 1igamentum teres arteries)4438.84±9.53(17-64)
Total area of nutrient foramina. mm2
 Superior retinacular arteries10015.59±5.71(5.65-34.27)
 Inferior retinacular arteries1003.63±2.11(0.4-11.88)
 Anterior retinacular arteries1004.32±2.52(0.79-14.69)
 Ligamentum teres arteries561.58±1.21(0.11-5.43)
 Total -1(included ligamentum teres arteries)5624.97±6.57(10.65-42.07)
 Total -2 (excluded 1igamentum teres arteries)4423.74±7.77(13.35-43.32)
Ratio of nutrient foramina number in Total
 Superior retinacular arteries / Total-1560.58±0.08(0.38-0.76)
 Inferior retinacular arteries / Total-1560.14±0.06(0.03-0.33)
 Inferior retinacular arteries / Total-1560.20±0.08(0.07-0.44)
 Ligamentum teres arteries / Total-1560.08±0.05(0.02-0.28)