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Table 3 Mean absolute deviation from target

From: Patient-specific instrumentation improved three-dimensional accuracy in total knee arthroplasty: a comparative radiographic analysis of 1257 total knee arthroplasties

 CVI group (n = 442)PSI group (n = 815)p value
HKA2.3° (1.7)1.7° (1.2)< 0.001
FFC1.8° (1.3)1.3° (0.9)< 0.001
FTC1.5° (1.2)1.3° (0.9)< 0.001
LFC0.9° (1.4)0.7° (1.0)0.011
LTC0.6° (1.2)0.4° (0.9)0.003
FCRa2.5° (1.4)1.1° (0.6)< 0.001
  1. Values are given as mean and standard deviation in parentheses
  2. CVI conventional instrumentation, FCR femoral component rotation, FFC frontal femoral component angle, FTC frontal tibial component angle, HKA hip-knee-ankle angle, LFC lateral femoral component angle, LTC lateral tibial component angle, PSI patient-specific instrumentation
  3. aCT scans for the evaluation of rotational component alignment were available for 44 cases of the CVI group, and for 94 case of the PSI group