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Table 3 Main technical parameters of MRA and MRI

From: Diagnostic accuracy of MRA and MRI for the bursal-sided partial-thickness rotator cuff tears: a meta-analysis

StudyTechnical parametersMethods
VendorModelMagnetic strengthIndirect or directSequenceSlice thicknessAnalyzed image plane
Fritz et al. (2007)GE/SiemensNR1.5 TFS, T1WI, GE3/4 mmTransverse, cor obl, sag oblMRI
Magee et al. (2009)GESigna3.0 TNRT1WI FSE, fs T2WI FSE4 mmAx, cor obl, sagMRA
 GESigna3.0 TT1WI FSE, fs T2WI FSE, fs T2WI FSE4 mmAx, sag, cor oblMRI
Oh et al. (2009)PhilipsGyroscan Intera Achieva3.0 TIndirectFS T1WI FSE, T2WI FSE, 3D fast FS GRE3/4 mmAx, cor obl, sag oblMRA
Chun et al. (2010)SiemensAvanto1.5 TNRFS T1WI SE,T2WI FSE3 mmTransverse, sag obl, cor oblMRA
Choo et al. (2012)PhilipsAchieva 3.0 T TX3.0 TDirectFS T1WI FSE, T2WI FSE, 3D FS T1WI FSE0.5/1 mmAx, cor obl, sag oblMRA
Modi et al. (2013)GEDiscovery MR7503.0 TNRfs T1WI SE, STIR, fs T2WI FSE, fs T1WI SENRAx, cor obl, sag oblMRA
Lee et al. (2014)PhilipsGyroscan Intera Achieva3.0 TIndirectFS T1WI FSE, 3D FS T1WI FSE3 mmAx, cor obl, sag oblMRA
Choo et al. (2015)PhilipsAchieva 3 T TX3.0 TIndirectT2WI FSE, FS T1WI FSE3 mmcor obl, sag oblMRA
Farshad- Amacker et al. (2015)SiemensSymphony/Espree/Avanto1.5/3 TFS PDW TSE, T1WI SE, FS T2WI TSE3/4 mmAx, cor obl, sag oblMRI
Lee et al. (2015)PhilipsGyroscan Intera Achieva3.0 TIndirectfs T1WI, T2W FSENRAx, cor obl, sag oblMRA
 PhilipsAchieva3.0 TGE, fs FSE PDW, T2WI FSENRAx, cor obl, sag oblMRI
Lo et al. (2016)PhilipsAchieva1.5 TT1WI, FS T2WI, SE DWI3/4 mmcor oblMRI
Perez et al. (2018)NRNR1.5 TFS T2, PD, T1WINRAx, cor obl, sag oblMRI
  1. PD proton-density, PDW proton-density-weighted, FSE fast spin-echo, STIR short Tau-inversion recovery, GE gradient echo, TSE turbo spin-echo, FS fat suppreesed, SE spin-echo, GRE gradient-recalled echo, sag obl sagittal oblique, cor obl coronal oblique, cor coronal, sag sagittal, Ax Axial, fs fat-saturated, DE dual-echo, NR not reported