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Table 4 Complications

From: Functional outcomes after total joint arthroplasty are related to the severity of Parkinson’s disease: a mid-term follow-up

ComplicationsTHA groupTKA group
Intraoperative fracture1 (3.57%)0
Gastrointestinal disorder1 (3.57%)2 (9.09%)
Lower limb swelling01 (4.55%)
Bruise2 (7.14%)3 (13.64%)
Upper respiratory infection2 (7.14%)1 (4.55%)
Delirium1 (3.57%)1 (4.55%)
Anemia1 (3.57%)0
Nerve palsy00
  1. Abbreviations: THA total hip arthroplasty, TKA total knee arthroplasty