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Table 3 Comparison of the methods to analyze the hind foot kinematics

From: Three-dimensional kinematic change of hindfoot during full weightbearing in standing: an analysis using upright computed tomography and 3D-3D surface registration

MethodsImage qualityImage acquisition timeMatching algorithmWeightbearing
Fluoroscopy and 2D-3D registration2DSeveral seconds2D-3D/image calibration and optimizationFull
Cone beam CT3D/motion artifact20–48 s3D-MPR/evaluate only in 2D planeFull/partial
Conventional CT3D10–20 s3D-3D/volume marge techniqueSimulated
MRI3D/motion artifact120–180 s3D-3D/marching cubes methodFull/partial
Upright CT and 3D-3D registration3D10–20 s3D-3D/iterative closest pointFull
  1. List of the methods to analyze the hind foot kinematics. There are differences in image dimension/quality, acquisition time, algorithm, and weightbearing condition