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Table 1 Demographics for 224 subjects (244 hips) available for the 10-year follow-up visit

From: Long-term outcomes of a dual-mobility cup and cementless triple-taper femoral stem combination in total hip replacement: a multicenter retrospective analysis

 Female97 (43.3%)
 Male127 (56.7%)
Hip side
 Left111 (45.5%)
 Right133 (54.5%)
 Mean subject age at surgery, years (range)63.8 (29–82)
 Mean body mass index at surgery (range)27.6 (15.6–41.4)
Primary diagnosis for surgery
 Avascular necrosis15 (6.1%)
 Dysplasia8 (3.3%)
 Femoral neck fracture2 (0.8%)
 Missing1 (0.4%)
 Osteoarthritis209 (85.7%)
 Other2 (0.8%)
 Post-traumatic arthritis2 (0.8%)
 Rheumatoid arthritis5 (2.0%)