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Table 1 The clinic characteristic of patients

From: The effect of temporary hemiepiphysiodesis in the treatment of skeleton immature posttraumatic genu angular deformity: a retrospective study of 27 cases

 Clinic characteristic
Number of case27 (15 m/12 ft)
Average age6.3 years (2.5–9.7)
Surgical site9 in distal femur and 18 in proximal tibia
Surgical time35 min (27–58)
Follow-up time3.8 years (1.9–5.9)
Average time of implant reserve1.0 years (0.9–1.9)
Rate of correction in distal femur8.41°/year
Rate of correction in proximal tibia15.19°/year
Rate of full correction0.89 (24/27)