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Fig. 2

From: Nano-graphene oxide improved the antibacterial property of antisense yycG RNA on Staphylococcus aureus

Fig. 2

GO-PEI-ASyycG increased ASyycG transformation and inhibited virulence gene expressions. a ASyycG plasmids were labeled with gene encoding enhanced green fluorescent protein (ASyycG-eGFP) and CLSM was applied to determine the expression level of eGFP. b The transfection efficiency was determined by comparing the green fluorescent intensities (n = 10, *p < 0.05). c Quantitative RT-PCR analysis showed gene transcription in untreated S. aureus and ASyycG-, GO-, and GO-PEI-ASyycG-treated strains; S. aureus gene expression was quantified relatively using 16sR as an internal control and calculated based on untreated S. aureus ATCC29213 expression, which was set as 1.0. (n = 10, *p < 0.05)

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