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Fig. 1

From: Supplementation of enteral nutritional powder decreases surgical site infection, prosthetic joint infection, and readmission after hip arthroplasty in geriatric femoral neck fracture with hypoalbuminemia

Fig. 1

Postoperative hemoglobin, serum albumin concentration, and total lymphocyte count. The symbols represent the means, and error bars show the standard deviation. Filled circles represent controls, whereas open squares represent the nutritional supplementation (TP, ENSURE®, each providing 251.1 kcal and 8.87 g protein, 3 times a day) intervention group. Follow-up data were documented at postoperative day 1 (POD1), day 3 (POD3), and day 5 (POD5). There was a significant difference for serum albumin concentration at POD3 (t = − 7.28, P < 0.001) and POD5 (t = − 14.23, P < 0.001). There was a similar change in hemoglobin (P < 0.05 at each follow-up) for the two groups at each follow-up. The same was observed for serum total lymphocyte count (P < 0.05 at each follow-up)

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