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Table 1 AORI classification modified according to authors proposal based on bone quality

From: Revision total knee arthroplasty (TKA): mid-term outcomes and bone loss/quality evaluation and treatment

Femoral (F) or tibial (T) grading Description
1 (INTACT metaphyseal bone): Minor bone defects that do not compromise the stability of the component.  • 1G: Good bone quality  • 1S: Sclerotic bone quality  • 1O: Osteoporotic bone quality
2 (DAMAGED metaphyseal bone): Cancellous bone loss requiring cement fill, augments, or bone graft to restore a reasonable joint line level.  • 2A➔One femoral condyle or tibial plateau  • 2AG: Good bone quality  • 2AS: Sclerotic bone quality  • 2AO: Osteoporotic bone quality
 • 2B➔Both femoral condyle or tibial plateau  • 2BG: Good bone quality  • 2BS: Sclerotic bone quality  • 2BO: Osteoporotic bone quality
3 (DEFICIENT metaphyseal segment): Bone loss with a defect of a major portion of condyle or tibial plateau. May involve ligament attachments.  • 3G: Good bone quality  • 3S: Sclerotic bone quality  • 3O: Osteoporotic bone quality