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Table 2 Modified Neer classification of radiologic results

From: Active unicameral bone cysts: control firstly, cure secondly

Score Classification Description Treatment
I Healed Cyst filled with new bone, with or without small radiolucent area(s) < 1 cm in size Not necessary
II Healed with defects Radiolucent area(s) < 50% of the diameter of the bone with enough cortical thickness to prevent fracture Not necessary
III Persistent cyst Radiolucent area > 50% of the diameter of the bone and with a thin cortical rim; no increase of the size of the cyst Continued restriction of activity, possible repeated treatment required
IV* Recurrent or nonresponsive cyst Cyst reappeared in a previously obliterated area or a radiolucent area has increased in size Need for repeated treatment
  1. *Postoperative pathological fracture belong to score IV