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Fig. 4

From: Active unicameral bone cysts: control firstly, cure secondly

Fig. 4

A 10-year-old boy treated with Intracystic methylprednisolone injection, percutaneous curettage, and autogenous bone marrow grafting. These radiographs show changes in the cyst after one treatment as follow-up time prolongated (1, frontal X-ray; 2, lateral X-ray). a Anteroposterior and lateral X-ray before the treatment. b X-ray at 3 months after the treatment. c X-ray at 6 months after the treatment. d X-ray at 12 months after the treatment. In our series of follow-up results, we found that the cortical bone of the cyst was gradually thickened; the low-density areas within the cyst ossified gradually and eventually reassumed a normal bone morphology

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