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Fig. 3

From: Correlation between multifidus muscle atrophy, spinopelvic parameters, and severity of deformity in patients with adult degenerative scoliosis: the parallelogram effect of LMA on the diagonal through the apical vertebra

Fig. 3

A 58-year-old female patient with adult degenerative scoliosis (ADS). a Standing anteroposterior (AP) and lateral radiographs. Coronal Cobb angle (CA), 35.6°; coronal vertical axis (CVA), − 1.6 cm; sagittal vertical axis (SVA), + 4.8 cm; thoracic kyphosis (TK), 9.2°; lumbar lordosis (LL), 28.1°; pelvic incidence (PI), 62.6°; pelvic tilt (PT), 35.2°; sacral slope (SS), 27.4°. b T2-weighted axial image at intervertebral levels above the apical vertebra (T12/L1): grade 1 LMA on the convex side and grade 4 LMA on the concave side. c T2-weighted axial images at the intervertebral level below the apical vertebra (L1/2): grade 2 LMA on the convex side and grade 3 LMA on the concave side

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