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Fig. 3

From: Need for concomitant Akin osteotomy in patients undergoing Chevron osteotomy can be determined preoperatively: a retrospective comparative study of 859 cases

Fig. 3

HVA (hallux valgus angle) pre- and postoperatively until follow-up for the Chevron and the Chevron/Akin cohort. Legends: HVA—vertical axis, C and AC groups—horizontal axis. The line inside the boxes represents medians, and the whiskers represent maximum and minimum 1.5 interquartile range. HVA preop: hallux valgus angle preoperative. HVA postop: hallux valgus angle postoperative. HVA 6 weeks: hallux valgus angle after 6 weeks. HVA 3 months: hallux valgus angle after 3 months. HVA FU: hallux valgus angle at follow-up

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