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Table 1 Setting of the μCT for scanning, reconstruction, and analysis of bone microarchitecture

From: Growth factor-mediated augmentation of long bones: evaluation of a BMP-7 loaded thermoresponsive hydrogel in a murine femoral intramedullary injection model

Settings for
 Recording of 3D images
  X-ray 48 kV/200 μA
  Filter 0.5 mm Al
  Pixel size 9 μm
  Pixel matrix 4000 pixel x 2672 pixel
  Rotation step 0.6°
  Frame averaging 3
  Defect pixel masking 20%
  Beam hardening 30%
  Misalingment compensation calculated individually
  Tresholding of gray values
   Cortical bone 100 - 255
   Trabecular bone 85 - 255
  Removal of white speckles < 30 voxel