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Fig. 2

From: Growth factor-mediated augmentation of long bones: evaluation of a BMP-7 loaded thermoresponsive hydrogel in a murine femoral intramedullary injection model

Fig. 2

Significant association of normalized TbN (a) and normalized BMD (b) with normalized BV/TV determined at the femoral neck (red triangle), proximal (blue circle) and distal femur (white circle), respectively. Spearman’s rank coefficients of correlation: femoral neck, R = 0.94 (a) and R = 0.79 (b); proximal femur, R = 0.88 (a) and R = 0.90 (b); distal femur, R = 0.95 (a) and R = 0.88 (b); each p < 0.001

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