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Table 1 Overview of the different grades of the OARSI and AHO score

From: Viscoelasticity and histology of the human cartilage in healthy and degenerated conditions of the knee

Grade OARSI [39] AHO [41]
0   No evident subchondral bone sclerosis, articular cartilage directly connected to the bone
1 Cartilage surface intact Some subchondral sclerosis, bone volume increased, cartilage contact with the bone marrow
2 Cartilage surface discontinuity Distinct increase in subchondral sclerosis and bone volume, fibrillation in subchondral bone, no contact of the bone marrow to the articular cartilage
3 Vertical fissures within the cartilage Late-stage disease, severe subchondral sclerosis and massively increased bone volume, bone marrow distance from the cartilage increases
4 Erosion  
5 Denudation  
6 Deformation