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Fig. 1

From: Coronal and sagittal spinal alignment in lumbar disc herniation with scoliosis and trunk shift

Fig. 1

The examples of spinopelvic morphology in control, LDH patient without trunk shift and LDH patient with trunk shift. a, c, e The feature of the coronal plane in control (male; without trunk shift), LDH patient without trunk shift (male, L5/S1disc herniation) and LDH patient with trunk shift (male, L5/S1disc herniation; left shift: 0.8 cm, right thoracolumbar curve: 18°), respectively. b, d, f The measurement of spinopelvic parameters. TK thoracic kyphosis, TLK thoraco-lumbar junction kyphosis, LL lumbar lordosis, PI pelvic incidence, SS sacral slope, PT pelvic tilt, SVA sagittal vertical axis, CSVL central sacral vertical line. The parameters are showing as follows:

Image PI° PT° SS° LL° TLK° TK° SVA (cm) Age (years)
B 47 10 37 60 5 40 -2.2 25
D 47 15 32 44 3 19 1.0 32
F 36 25 11 0 -8 -5 6.2 34

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