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Table 6 VTE prevention in fast-track and day-surgery orthopedic procedures

From: Blood management in fast-track orthopedic surgery: an evidence-based narrative review

  Low VTE risk procedure High VTE risk procedure
Low VTE risk patient GT
PT only in case they have to rest in bed for more than two days, due to particular reasons
GT + PT (LMWH/AAS) and/or MT
High VTE risk patient GT + PT (LMWH/AAS) and/or MT GT + PT (LMWH) + MT
  1. General thromboprophylaxis (GT), early ambulation, optimal hydration, pharmacological thromboprophylaxis (PT), low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) and/or aspirin (AAS), mechanical thromboprophylaxis (MT), intermittent pneumatic compression for high-risk of bleeding