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Table 1 Cochrane guidelines for systematic review

From: Blood management in fast-track orthopedic surgery: an evidence-based narrative review

1 Formulation of a clear question Which procedures support the implementation of blood management in fast-track total joint arthroplasty?
2 Exhaustive and reproducible research of all relevant information (published and unpublished studies) concerning the question Partly reproducible, non-exhaustive.
3 Systematic selection of eligible studies on the basis of pre-defined inclusion criteria All papers had to be related to fast-track pathways or accelerated procedures, and had to be written in English at least in the abstract.
Detailed information is reported in the PRISMA diagram before the end of introduction.
4 Analysis of the methodological quality of included studies No.
5 Quantitative or qualitative synthesis of the information according to the nature, complexity of the question and availability of data To facilitate reading, qualitative and quantitative information is synthesized and summarized in tables.
Information about fast-track procedures is matched with every single step of the general orthopedic blood management strategy.
6 Discussion of the reasons for agreement and inconsistency between the results of the different studies Yes.