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Table 1 Performance of serum tests for diagnosing PJI

From: Comparison of D-dimer with CRP and ESR for diagnosis of periprosthetic joint infection

True positive212219
False positive11195
False negative547
True negative433549
Sensitivity (95%CI)80.77% (65.62–95.92%)84.61% (70.74–98.48%)73.08% (56.03–90.13%)
Specificity (95%CI)79.63% (68.89 90.37%)64.81% (52.41–74.81%)90.47% (82.74–98.47%)
AUC (95%CI)0.890 (0.814–0.966)0.831 (0.737–0.926)0.838 (0.732–0.944)
  1. PPV positive predictive value, NPV negative predictive value, +LR positive likelihood ratio, −LR negative likelihood ratio