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Table 3 Lane-Sandhu radiological scoring system

From: Grape seed extract supplement increases bone callus formation and mechanical strength: an animal study

Category Points
Bone formation (the highest score is 4)
 No evidence of bone formation 0
 Bone formation occupying 25% of the defect 1
 Bone formation occupying 50% of the defect 2
 Bone formation occupying 75% of the defect 3
 Full gap bone formation 4
Union (the highest score is 4)
 Non-union 0
 Possible union 2
 Radiographic union 4
Remodeling (the highest score is 4)
 No remodeling 0
 Remodeling of the intramedullary channel 2
 Full remodeling of the cortex 4
Sum of radiographic scores 12