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Fig. 4

From: Macrophage inhibits the osteogenesis of fibroblasts in ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) wear particle-induced osteolysis

Fig. 4

Osteogenic protein level of fibroblasts treated with UHMWPE particles and added with macrophage supernatants. a Western blot, b ELISA. One asterisk indicates p < 0.05, two asterisks indicate p < 0.01, three asterisks indicate p < 0.001 versus A (fibroblasts only); one number sign indicates p < 0.05, two number signs indicate p < 0.01, three number sign indicate p < 0.001 versus B (fibroblasts + 1 mg/ml UHMWPE particles). One plus sign indicates p < 0.05, two plus signs indicate p < 0.01, three plus signs indicate p < 0.001 versus C1 (fibroblasts + 1 mg/ml UHMWPE particles + 1/16 macrophage supernatants vs. fibroblast media)

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