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Table 1 Study characteristics

From: Risk factors associated with cardiac complication after total joint arthroplasty of the hip and knee: a systematic review

  Year Country Range of data set Evidence level Data source Unilateral vs. bilateral Cardiac complication studied Follow-up period Main risk factors studied
Single cohort (TKA or THA) studies
Fu [33] 2017 USA 2005–2 013 III NSQIP N/R CA or MI 30 days BMI and albumin concentration
Curtis [32] 2018 USA 2008–2014 III NSQIP N/R CA or MI 30 days Heart failure
Chamieh [35] 2016 USA 2008–2012 III NSQIP Unilateral CA or MI 30 days Pre-operative anaemia
Godoy [31] 2016 USA 2013–2015 III Oschsner Clinic Unilateral MI or arrhythmia 90 days Pre-operative ESR and CRP levels
Abdel [29] 2014 USA 2007–2010 II Joint Replacement Registry Unilateral MI I/H BMI
Meller [34] 2016 USA 2011–2013 III Medicare inpatient claims Unilateral and bilateral MI 90 days BMI
Mellerγ [17] 2016 USA 2010–2014 III Medicare inpatient claims Unilateral and bilateral MI 90 days BMI
Combined (THA and TKA) cohorts
Waterman [12] 2016 USA 2012–2013 III NSQIP Unilateral MI and CA (requiring CPR) 30 days Age, hypertension and cardiac disease
Robinson [6] 2017 USA 2012–2013 III NSQIP N/R MI or CA 30 days Gender
Feng [4] 2018 China 2005–2015 III Hospital Joint Arthroplasty Registry Unilateral and bilateral MI or arrhythmia 30 and 90 days Coronary artery disease and revascularisation
Thornqvist [8] 2014 Denmark 2005–2011 III Danish National Patient Register and Danish Anaesthesia Register N/R MI or cardiac mortality 30 days BMI
Menendez [11] 2015 USA 2008–2011 III NIS N/R MI I/H Elixhauser comorbidity index variables and CAD, COPD, CVA, dementia
Shah [7] 2017 USA 2011–2014 III NSQIP N/R MI or CA 30 days TKA and THA
Belmont [5] 2014 USA 2006–2011 III NSQIP Unilateral MI or CA 30 days Many medical comorbidities and patient characteristics
Anoushiravani [30] 2016 USA 2006–2012 III NIS N/R Cardiac complications I/H Underweight patients
  1. Study characteristics were collected for each included study, including publication year, country of origin, and data source. Unilateral procedures were distinguished from bilateral procedures when possible and the period of follow-up post-operatively specified. The range of data set encompasses the period in which included arthroplasty procedures were performed, and the specific cardiac complication studied was also included. CA cardiac arrest, MI myocardial infarction, CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation, BMI body mass index, N/R not reported, NSQIP National Surgical Quality Improvement Program database, NIS Nationwide Inpatient Sample, CAD coronary artery disease, COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, CVA cerebrovascular disease, I/H in-hospital follow up (prior to discharge). γ = This is the only single cohort study that examined THA; the remainder of single cohort studies consisted of TKA