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Table 3 Radiographic change in the amount of calcification

From: Effective period of conservative treatment in patients with acute calcific periarthritis of the hand

Patient number Joint number Joint location 3Mo 6Mo 9Mo 12Mo 15Mo 18Mo 21Mo 24Mo
1 1 Rt. 2nd MCP D D       
2 Lt. 1st MCP D N       
2 3 Rt. 1st IP N N N      
4 Lt. 5th PIP N N N      
3 5 Rt. 2nd MCP R M       
4 6 Rt. 3rd PIP R M M      
7 Rt. 4th PIP N D N      
8 Lt. 4th PIP N N N      
5 9 Rt. 5th MCP N N N      
10 Lt. 1st MCP N D N      
11 Lt. 5th MCP I I D      
6 12 Rt. 3rd PIP D R M      
7 13 Lt. 1st MCP R M M M     
14 Lt. 2nd PIP R M M M     
8 15 Rt. 3rd PIP N D D      
9 16 Rt. 2nd PIP N D D D D R   
10 17 Lt. 2nd PIP N R M M M M M M
  1. Mo months, Rt right, Lt left, MCP metacarpophalangeal, IP interphalangeal, PIP proximal interphalangeal, M maintenance of complete resolution, R decrease with complete resolution, D decrease with residual calcification, N no change with persistent calcification, I increase in calcification