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Table 1 Patients’ demographic data in revision surgery

From: Posterior hemivertebra resection with unilateral instrumented fusion in children less than 10 years old: preliminary results at minimum 5-year follow-up

Patients Sex Age Abnormality Association anomalies Revision reason Initial surgery Duration time (months) Revision surgery Final F/U (months)
1 M 8 HV:T5; Unsegment T3–7 Sprengel deformity PJK T5 HV resection with T4–7 convex fusion 11 T2 PSO with T1–3 convex fusion 112
2 M 2 HV:T12 PJK due to T11 pedicle fracture T12 HV resection with T10-L2 convex fusion 12 T11 Y-shape osteotomy with T9-L2 convex fusion 45
3 F 7 HV:T6; Unsegment T5–9 Fused rib in concave (9–10) Curve progression in distal junction T6 HV resection with T5–7 convex fusion 27 T7 PSO with T5–10 convex fusion 80
4 M 5 HV:T6; BF:T10; Unsegment L2–3 Curve progression T6 HV resection with T3–9 convex fusion 78 Bilateral fusion from T3 to L3 90
  1. F female, M male, HV hemivertebra, BF butterfly vertebra